NOS Initiative Timeline

Mid 2018 - Late 2018

NOS (XNOS) - main network launch

Target: NOS Network launched on November 1st 2018.

NOS Explorer
Late 2018 - early 2019

NOLLAR Stablecoin - main network launch

Target: Nollar network launchon November 1st 2018.

NOLLAR Explorer
Early 2019 - Late 2019

Community agent & ecosystem expansion globally

Target: Assigning community managers & designated regional channels for all relevant global zones (Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and North America).

Early 2019 - Late 2019

Member recruitment campaign

Target: Rapid user growth, indicating high likelihood of reaching 5-50 million users.

Late 2019 - Early 2020

Merchant recruitment campaign

Target: Wide merchant and retail adoption to accept NOS Stablecoins & NOS (XNOS) as regular forms of digital payment.

Late 2019 - Late 2026

Graduate release of all NOS (XNOS) on a quarterly basis.

Target: Wide and fair distribution to millions of people for free.

Late 2019 - Late 2026

Become the leading payment ecosystem with NOS Stablecoins & NOS (XNOS)

Target: Globally accepted & adopted.

How to get invited

Joining NOS Initiative is by invitation only.
Here are two simple ways to get invited:


Go to NOS Initiative Facebook or Twitter page and see which of your friends already follows Initiative NOS. They may already be registered.


Submit a post on social media asking your friends whether one of them can invite you.

Want to learn more?

Introduction video to NOS Initiative