XNOS Supply & Distribution

Monetary instruments

NOS (XNOS) main monetary instruments:

  1. Releasing XNOS —

    Members who join NOS Initiative can reserve XNOS for free, with the specific number varying based on how early they join. These XNOS will be released gradually as economic activity grows, enabling their use on the NOS network and thus increasing the active current money supply.

  2. Activity incentives —

    XNOS were created to incentivize activities that promote network growth of the Nollar stablecoin. NOS (XNOS) provides reduced fees on cashouts of Nollar and basic utility surrounding the NOS Network. This positive feedback loop between NOS Stablecoins and NOS (XNOS) fuels rapid growth of the networks.

Money supply NOS (XNOS)

The money supply is capped at a maximum 1 Billion NOS (XNOS) to ever be created.

  • Exactly 500 Million NOS (XNOS) are allocated for distribution via NOS Initiative. The entire amount will be reserved by users and distributed at the end of each quarter over a total timeframe of 7 years.

  • 150 Million NOS (XNOS) were allocated to the NOS private sale & pre-sale to angel investors in order to finance the NOS project start-up operations.

  • 100 Million NOS (XNOS) are put aside for community tasks, airdrops, games and community expansion.

  • The remaining 250 Million NOS (XNOS) are in reserve* (25% of the max supply) and will be used for partnerships, exchange liquidity, ecosystem growth, development and innovations.

A constant 25 Million NOS will be released annually from the reserved in order to fund operations and to increase ecosystem growth. This rate does not change and cannot at any time be adjusted up or down by the NOS project or anyone in the ecosystem. The reserve address is publicly viewable and the reserve release, fully transparent.

The reserves are sold in the following way:
XNOS sold for USD, BTC, ETH, NANO — Investors & partners looking to benefit from the advantages of the NOS payment networks can aquire NOS Stablecoins & XNOS, which is done by buying them on exchanges.

NOS (XNOS) distribution

We plan to fully distribute 500.000.000 XNOS for free thru NOS Initiative. The reservation process can take up to 12 months but no longer than 365 days. Then the distribution will start.

Q2 2019 - Q2 2020 (Reservation Period).

Q2 2020- Q2 2027 (On the 24.04.2020 or shortly after processing all entries the distribution will start.).

A proportional % of each users total reserved XNOS is distributed quarterly over a 7 years period in order to ensure a healthy market and eco-system. The key date for a release of XNOS will be the 1. of each quarter.

How to get invited

Joining NOS Initiative is by invitation only.
Here are two simple ways to get invited:


Go to NOS Initiative Facebook or Twitter page and see which of your friends already follows Initiative NOS. They may already be registered.


Submit a post on social media asking your friends whether one of them can invite you.

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