What is NOS Initiative?

An awareness campaign for NOLLAR powered by the distribution of NOS (XNOS).

What is Nollar?

“Think of NOLLAR as a free and decentralized version of services like Paypal”

How to sign-up?

  1. Simply go to twitter, facebook, or any other social media platform and ask for a NOS Initiative invite link. Another person will be happy to share one with you.

  2. Use the invite link to sign-up for NOS Initiative.

How does NOS Initiative work?

Sign-up now and reserve up to 100 NOS (XNOS) for free.

Everytime you share your invite link on social media and another person uses it, you will reserve an additional 10 NOS (XNOS).

Is NOS Initiative a Ponzi Scheme?

Definition: A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors. Typically, Ponzi schemes require an initial investment and promise above average returns.

NOS Initiative does not lure investors into any investments nor does the campaign require any funding or donations.

NOS Initiative does not promise any returns at all.

NOS Initiative is simply an awareness campaign for Nollar that is powered by the FREE distribution of NOS (XNOS).

When are reserved NOS (XNOS) distributed?

We plan to fully distribute 500.000.000 XNOS for free thru NOS Initiative. The reservation process can take up to 12 months but no longer than 365 days. Then the distribution will start.

What if less than 5 million people sign up in 12 months?

The remaining NOS (XNOS) would be put in reserve by the NOS Project and distributed via alternative methods at a later time.

How will the distribution work?

Q2 2019 - Q2 2020 (Reservation Period)

Q2 2020- Q2 2027 (On the 24.04.2020 or shortly after processing all entries the distribution will start.)

How many NOS (XNOS) will be distributed each quarter?

A proportional % of each users total reserved XNOS is distributed quarterly over a 7 years period in order to ensure a healthy market and eco-system. The key date for a release of XNOS will be the 1. of each quarter.

Are there other ways to get NOLLAR and XNOS?

Yes NOLLAR and NOS (XNOS) are already trading via
NOLLAR: https://txbit.io/Trade/NOLLAR/BTC
NOS (XNOS): https://txbit.io/Trade/XNOS/BTC

Will there be more exchanges supporting NOLLAR and XNOS?

Yes. We are in negotiations with several major exchanges and plan to list on at least 10 large scale exchanges until the end of 2019.

Whats the difference between NOLLAR and XNOS?

The NOS Project has two coins in its ecosystem.

  1. NOLLAR https://bit.ly/2UcyxA3 The worlds first stablecoin which is 1:1 backed by USD, allows for feeless and instant value transfer, eco-friendly, scalable and fully audited by PwC.

  2. NOS (XNOS) https://bit.ly/2UbOBlJ Is the native decentralized cryptocurrency of the NOS network. It’s main use is as a p2p cryptocurrency for instant and feeless value transfer but XNOS also has added utility. Similar to BNB, users save 50% on cashout fees via the Nollar fiat gateway https://nollar.org/ Additionally 20% of all XNOS used in the conversion process are burned from the max supply which makes XNOS hyper-deflationary.

Can you prove that Nollar is audited?

Yes indeed. Our first attestation by PwC was completed recently and is accessible to the public here: https://nos.cash/

Who can contact if i have questions, suggestions, inquiries?

You can reach us via e-mail info@nos.cash
or get in touch directly via Telegram or Discord. All the relevant links are on the bottom of the index page.

How to get invited

Joining NOS Initiative is by invitation only.
Here are two simple ways to get invited:


Go to NOS Initiative Facebook or Twitter page and see which of your friends already follows Initiative NOS. They may already be registered.


Submit a post on social media asking your friends whether one of them can invite you.

Want to learn more?

Introduction video to NOS Initiative