About NOS Initiative

The NOS Initiative aims to connect a critical mass of users, in order to grow NOS Stablecoins and the NOS ecosystem. Therefore, the focus is to get millions of NOS members registered. We have recruited the world top professionals in payment systems, macroeconomics and internet technologies in order to increase awareness about instant and feeless stablecoins, incentivized by the distribution of NOS (XNOS) the decentralized cryptocurrency of the NOS network.

NOS Initiative is the brainchild of Daniel Neetzel. a serial entrepreneur who has a broad background in the financial sector.

Daniel Neetzel (Founder & CEO), Robert Konopka (Co-founder & CTO) and Hubertus von Heyden (COO), have compiled a team of experts from a variety of disciplines, including mathematics, economics and social sciences. They have developed economic and monetary models to create an ecosystem and payment network that can rival and supersede existing, outdated solutions.

Daniel Neetzel

Cofounder & CEO

Robert Konopka

Cofounder & CTO

Hubertus von Heyden


How to get invited

Joining NOS Initiative is by invitation only.
Here are two simple ways to get invited:


Go to NOS Initiative Facebook or Twitter page and see which of your friends already follows Initiative NOS. They may already be registered.


Submit a post on social media asking your friends whether one of them can invite you.

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