A global currency & ecosystem in 5 steps

Provide free & instant p2p value transfer for people around the world via the NOS payment ecosystem - consisting of NOS Stablecoins (NOLLAR, NEURO, NOUND) and the decentralized cryptocurrency XNOS with their own independed networks.

Provide a fiat gateway to facilitate liquidity in and out of NOS stablecoins and add value to XNOS by linking its utility to Nollar, Neuro and Nound.

Launch the NOS Initiative to connect and include over 5 million users over the next few months.

Incentivize NOLLAR usage by providing a fair distribution of over 500,000,000 XNOS to the world via NOS Initiative; allowing each member to reserve an equal share of the pie.

Reach mass adoption of NOS Stablecoins and NOS (XNOS) on a global scale. Expand into all regions of the world and provide financial inclusion to everyone.

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NOS Initiative on social media

How to get invited

Joining NOS Initiative is by invitation only.
Here are two simple ways to get invited:


Go to NOS Initiative Facebook or Twitter page and see which of your friends already follows Initiative NOS. They may already be registered.


Submit a post on social media asking your friends whether one of them can invite you.

Want to learn more?

Introduction video to NOS Initiative